I was born and raised in Miami, Florida since I was 8 years old but when I was 4 my parents divorced. My mom was heavy on drugs and never was around where my dad was the rock of the family and did everything he could to give me and my brother all that we needed. Living in Florida for the 8 years I did we moved 6 times, never lived in a home, always apartments and families houses. One year we visited Wisconsin my dad and step-mom thought it was a better place educational and living-wise so we packed our bags and drove to Wisconsin.

Since we’ve lived here we’ve moved 3 times, the first house was actually a place to call ours. However, we couldn’t afford that home so we moved in with my uncle and stayed with him for 6 years. We got devastating news that the owner did not want us living there anymore and forced us to move out. Luckily we found a home that we’re currently living in now along with my uncle, dad, step mom, and my little sister who is 2. I love this house more than any house we’ve lived in, but I’ve learned to not get attached to one home.

We’ve lived in this home for 2 years now and sometimes there’s barely food in the fridge and sometimes there isn’t anything to put on the plate for dinner with parents who live paycheck to paycheck. My family fights a lot because of money and I’m even afraid to ask if I can get a cap and gown for graduation this year. I was not going to go to prom or Spree because when the discussion of spending money comes up in this family it’s too much stress. When I came to school one day a woman named Jill from Operation Cinderella remembered how much I loved a dress from the event and ALYCE the makers of the dress and people in charge of Operation Cinderella gave me the dress of my dreams for free. I couldn’t stop crying, the fact that I can actually go to my prom and feel beautiful is something huge for me because I know that’s a night any girl should remember. I will never forget  the women who helped me from Operation Cinderella as long as I live.